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There are two, excellent national facebook groups, full of wonderful members of the UK's home education community that have come together to offer their collective years of experience at this challenging time.
If you are looking for resource ideas and general temporary home education advice, then I recommend joining one or other or both of these.
An appeal to all schools and teachers
As families now find themselves unexpectedly educating their children at home, many have reached out to myself and others within the national home education community for support.

We are hearing families tell us, that they are currently experiencing a high level of stress around what is being asked of them with regards to their child’s education.

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Zena Hodgson
HESW is the work of Zena Hodgson
As well as home educating our 3 children throughout their “school years", I am also passionate about helping other families with their home educating journeys.  If you would like to know more about how I may be able to support you, please visit
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